The Reductio Ad Absurdum Of The WOLVERINES!1!1!!!! fantasy

You’re a trained military officer, also with police training. You have access to some of the most powerful guns you can get, and you have a lot of them. You believe that you are being oppressed by an unjust authority.

You being your reckoning, warning those who hunt you that you will outsmart them, use “asymmetrical” warfare, just like the VC, just like the Wolverines.

But what happens in the end, even with all of that training? Dead in a fire, surrounded by hundreds of even better armed police.

So tell me, how is it that bubba thinks he and his beerbelly keyboard commandoes are going to resist the U.S. Military which makes the game wardens, sheriffs, and SWAT teams that pinned this guy down look like the Polish cavalry?

Dorner had them beat on a couple of occasions but simply failed to execute. He fouled the prop of his getaway boat. He stayed holed up in a cabin too close to where he ditched his truck. In the end, he just wasn’t as sophisticated as all of that military jargon implies to most people.

So, whether you call it a clip or a magazine—this is apparently a shibboleth for the real gun aficionado—you don’t necessary have the ability to resist a tyrannical government. Individuals, even if the Second Amendment does give them the right to bear arms, doesn’t give them the right to own the right kind of weapons to provide any kind of ability to resist state power (nor should it). This is a case that proves that.

I’m not unaware of the danger that presents. This country was very close to changing its course in my lifetime to the point where such resistance, 200 years ago, might have been worth it. But we can’t resist them with guns. Nope. It’s only in the First Amendment that we can really check power and even that is contingent upon people having the time to process fact from frame.