Droooooooooooooones. Again.


Should armed drones actually be authorized to fire on Dorner, then it would be a first, and frankly a terrifying precedent

(Emphasis original.)

Why? Why is that more terrifying than the armed police out there who are shooting at innocent people who bear no resemblance whatsoever to Dorner or his truck? If anything, someone hidden in a cave 1,000 miles away is not going to be afraid of getting shot at by someone else and so is probably not going to pull the trigger based on anything other than good info. That is an improvement.

So, just like with the problem with droooooooooooonnes in the military, where the problem is war, here the problem isn’t drooooooooones, it’s the criminal justice system, or, more likely, gun and mental health laws.

* In a bit of Gawker journalistic standards expressed, Giz cites another paper and then claims to confirm it thusly: “Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz… has confirmed—though not explicitly—and is quoted as saying “We are using all the tools at our disposal.”(Emphasis added).

How is it a confirmation if it’s not explicit?