fnord drones fnord

Is it that this is a generation too strongly heeled on The Terminator or is there really something different about a remote controlled airplane launching a missile and killing someone as opposed to a human piloting an aircraft or a missile launched 1,000 miles away?

To me there is no difference except that less of our blood and treasure is exposed to loss.

So, the pacifist blogosphere is shitting its panties (sorry) this weak about the fact that the President can order these strikes. They are framing it as “execution” and the government being able to decide to kill anyone at any time.

That’s a nice argument only insofar as it fills pages in academic journals. If Big Brother is really coming for you, the only scenario less likely than a Red Dawn rebellion is one where a bunch of old white judges (a) order a stop to it and (b) said order is followed.

If the President is killing the wrong people, people must be trained to use their political remedies because the legal ones will not help you when the real trouble begins.