TPM post on why Hannity is for immigration reform.

It’s also interesting that Ingraham, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc. are all on board but Rush is not. I’m not sure I’m clearly articulating what’s so intriguing about this. It’s a very visible example of the tension, which many have written about, between what helps Republicans win and what drives the Right Wing Media-Industiral Complex.

Let me translate that for you:

It’s interesting to see which ones are GOP hacks and which ones are more interested in getting advertising dollars from Neoconfederates. I’m delighted that there is this distinction on some issues, but they will pay.

I’m not betting against Rush. In 2016, they won’t have Obama to hate and I remain unconvinced that they will gain more Latino voters than white voters they will lose (both probably pretty small amounts). The proposed plan would totally demoralize a lot of the Neoconfederate vote in a way that non-whites just don’t understand. The only thing worse would be losing a war to muslims.

It’s true that the GOP can’t win nationally by continuing to pander to the Neoconfederate vote. But a transparent pander to Latinos (even running Marco Rubio—who can’t win a GOP primary) plus the Neoconfederate minus the people who refuse to vote for blacks and minus the people who will be sick over this isn’t a winning formula, either.

So, the Republican impulse to pass this, I think, will hurt them in a way similar to the way that NAFTA hurt Democrats. They’re better off fighting this tooth and nail if they aren’t really going to make a play for the center.

All of this makes me feel pretty good about 2016.