David Cameron For Governor of California

Despite the fact that the UK’s independence from the euro hasn’t prevented its own stupid austerity measures from inducing a triple-dip recession and the irony of his desire for less unity with Europe while opposing a Scottish exit, I think David Cameron is right.

The EU has overexpanded more than the NHL. Giving German bankers de facto control over other European countries’ economies sounds like a recipe for World War II in reverse, and the Nazi-like rise of the Golden Dawn party in Greece bears that analogy out.

The EU was probably always intended by some, if not most, to be some kind of quasi-federation, but at first it was an economic union (and in some connections still is). This is not entirely dissimilar to the United States, whose original governing document, the Articles of Confederation was, more or less, the world’s first free trade area. It took the bloodiest war in American history to settle the question.

What drove me to blogging over 10 years ago wasn’t the desire to start at least brining something other than roses to gun fights (if not nukes)—even though I agree—and it wasn’t solely the bad taste that Bush v. Gore left me with. No, I saw a different picture that needed changing.

Realizing that the Obama administration is probably the best we’ll do in a generation, it’s time to admit that trying to drag the whole country forward isn’t going to work. It’s time to see the New Deal through the 60s as the anomaly that it was and that for most of the time, the federal government hasn’t helped. This is not to suggest that the Tea Party agenda has any merit. It doesn’t.

But I do suggest that liberals not spend the rest of their lives trying to get Medicare for All in all 50 states. Start with your state. This is something that the ACA actually makes fairly easy to do, or easier.

We need the federal government to keep us out of stupid wars, to preserve the gains that have been achieved and to not erode them any further. If they want to go Galt in Mississippi, then fuck them. Send us our money back and enjoy.

Civil Rights, I think, was different, because it was part of sewing up the original wounds of our Founding. It had to be universal.

So maybe California needs to think about doing what Cameron just did, if for no other reason than to try and get us a better deal.