Almost on cue…

Why should the Dems nuke the filibuster? Because the purpose of winning elections is to enact an agenda, not to win more elections. If you enact a good agenda, you should win more elections naturally.

The Republicans at least understand the first part. So, what are they doing and what have they done?

• Stacked the courts with partisan hacks like Judge Santelle on the DC Circuit who just happen to limit executive power when the executive is a Democrat.

• Create an ideology of hackery so that said hackery can be dismissed as an alternative “ideology”

• Ram through reforms to the electoral college so that they can more easily win the White House

• Gerrymander Congressional districts so that they retain a comfortable majority even when losing in the vote toal

• Filibuster Democratic appointments not just to the courts (not that they would “balance out” hacks like Santelle, but would probably just be judges) but to important government agencies, making their functioning very difficult

• Otherwise use every ounce of leverage from every veto point whether or not it really exists in the Constitution (and even create new ones)

Should the Democrats act like this? That’s a tough question. The fact is that they don’t. They want to govern. It’s good that they do. But so often, they end up coming into government to strike difficult “compromises” with the very people who created the disasters they are fixing, only to have the resulting fix either die by a thousand paper cuts, through a poison pill, or, as in the case of the Bush tax cuts, to simply be reversed.

The truth is, no one knows what will happen if the electoral college is eliminated or worked around. I sincerely doubt that it will improve the situation with respect to money in politics. The most expensive TV markets are those with the most people, so those will obviously be the biggest targets. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, and Texas will get as tired of the political ads as Ohio and Virginia have of late.

But it’s preferable to having state legislatures simply designate their electors (make no mistake this is what they are doing).

These are difficult questions. I don’t know the answer. I don’t know if Democrats really should start matching these tactics. What I do know is that they must stop them.