How Dumb Is The Presidential Primary?

If I were a Republican crying tears of impotent rage right now, I might wonder what I can do to never have this feeling again. The answer, of course, is to find a way where majorities in 270 EVs worth of states vote for your candidate.

The old assumption was that you can pick a nominee and running mate from two states and get those states. To the extent that happens anymore, it’s because the state tends to favor that nominee’s party, such as in the case of Illinois and Delaware, or Texas and Wyoming.

A simple way to do it might be to nominate a Latino, like Marco Rubio, and tout his ability to use that advantage to carry Florida and Colorado without trying much and possibly even making a race out of California.

But, as with most things in life, if they were different they wouldn’t be the same. Can a Latino win a GOP primary without having a series of Sistah Souljah moments that might alienate that constituency? I have a feeling that the GOP base especially, but probably more people than we want to believe are going to have a hard time accepting another minority president. Remember the “white men are doomed” articles after Obama appointed Kagan after appointing Sotomayor? That thing.

Now, if you get those folks thinking that there’s “no difference” between the parties, then the electoral map changes big time.

A smart thing to do might be to put a committee together to look at what states you want to win in the next election and make those the important states in the primary.

If I were Democrats, I would want someone who can keep Virginia blue, get North Carolina back, and make big pushes in Missouri, Indiana, and Georgia. These could nullify any big swing in Latino support for Rubio.

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