Will The Rage Ever Die?

So, it looks like Obama is going to be reelected tomorrow. The level of the conservative freak out isn’t difficult to gauge. The reason is that it’s the same every time something doesn’t go their way. The last time the Republicans curled up their tales in shame, after Watergate, they interrupted their revolution temporarily. And since that change reached its apex in 1984, they’ve been protecting the lead with voter disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, fear, uncertainty, doubt, lying, institution building, election stealing, and just about every trick in the book that money could buy.

When they were about to lose the 1988 election to a swarty unamerican looking Massachusetts “liberal,” they escalated the bitch slap politics of the Presidential race to new heights. And it paid off.

But people were tired of Republicans by then. They were ready for a moderation of direction, but they were used to losses moderate a party, not radicalizing it. The near miss in 1988 was avoided when Dukakis simply didn’t “stoop to their level.” Bill Clinton was ready for Presidential politics, but he wasn’t ready for the effect of his win: a radicalization of the Republican base. The ghost of Nixon’s persecution complex lived on in the same case of characters that plotted to shut down the government and impeach Clinton. Then they managed to steal an election, plot a fake war, strip mine the government for private property, put the middle class on life support, and nearly destroy the American economy.

Shame? Nope. Shame is for losers! Rebrand. Now we’re the tea party! A name which implies that there is some oppression to revolt against the way “true Americans” would. The latent racism in this claim is not hard to identify. The new “unamerican” President who was elected handily was illegitimate because he spent money in a recession, they said, even though deficits didn’t matter under Bush (nor did the Orwellian police state). Now, it was all about freedom. The revolutionary rhetoric centered around guns and violence, but in reality was often most stimulated by the stupidest things, like the “freedom” to pay a higher electric bill by using incandescent lights, or the “freedom” to let private insurance companies bilk you.

Instead of being seen in the light of a bad economy and a normal midterm election, the 2010 House victory (they couldn’t get the senate) was seen as a rejection of Obama and an indication that his victory was an aberration. But for a party so confident, they selected their weakest candidate, yet the one who symbolized them best. This is no coincidence. Mitt Romney, whose views are like the quantum superposition of every political position—it’s value only exists at the instant you measure it, yet whose past was of a moderate who invented the dreaded Obamacare model and who once profited from garbage trucks that carried away aborted fetuses—the rich and religious entitled prick, his trophy wife, his Stepford kids, and his Olympic horse was probably seen as the best choice because he was moderate in the past. Indeed, his polling in the election seemed to improve when he moderated his positions (of course, temporarily, until his Fraudron particles made their quantum leaps back into a coherent state).

If you’re so confident that Obama would be rejected, why run this clown? Why not run a true blue conservative like Santorum? Ahhh, there it is. They know.

Starting tomorrow night, there will be a series of violent reactions. Obama will have stolen the election. Romney was not conservative enough. Obama didn’t win by enough to have a mandate. And they will cry for revenge from the GOP House. Shut down the government! Impeach! There will be talk about getting the electors to change their minds because Obama murdered someone in Benghazi.

But they won’t wonder if they should cut all of this out. They think the other side does it too, of course. They think they are oppressed. They think they are being robbed. And they think all of these things because their plutocratic paymasters have brainwashed them with decades of bullshit.

This is a tragedy.

America is hobbled by some of its archaic institutions—like the electoral college and the senate. Even worse is that we are limited to two parties or a protest vote. But Republican detachment from reality, combined with their violent will to power to make reality conform to their alternate universe, makes them completely untenable as an alternative. This is bad for America. And it’s dangerous, because if people begin to realize this, it’s not unlikely that the Democrats will get lazy and be replaced by default by lunatics.

We need two parties with most of their voters in reality. Bill Clinton declared an end to the era of big government, but tomorrow’s vote will declare and end to the era of no government. That debate will be over (again). Global warming is the issue of the century and the Republicans don’t even “believe in it.”

I would never prefer a Romney win, but that doesn’t mean I look forward to the sore loserdom coming.