I predict it's T-Paw

Anyone can make a prediction. I’m going to show my work:

Romney has said he wants someone similar, not different, from him and someone who won’t go rogue in so many words. In other words, no Palins. I don’t think Portman is well know enough to add anything, and hasn’t really done much.

So, I’m guessing it’s T-Paw, who backed out of the campaign about a year ago before he had to fling much poo at Mitt. He fits the bill of having a background, at least superficially, in politics like Romney and he won’t draw too many unflattering comparisons.

One thought on “I predict it's T-Paw”

  1. I’m gonna’ go with the outlier and predict Jindal. T-Paw is too boring and too pusillanimous. Jindal at least gives some sense of a positive biography and barrier breaking; even if he’s an empty suit and a half-wit.


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