Who Started "It"?

So the Queen of all Wankers thinks that Democrats have a lot of chutzpah to complain about Republican hostage taking, because, you see, the Dems did it first with Bork.

No, the Dems started “it” with Watergate. Bork, for those whose grasp of history goes back further than the Internet, was the guy who finally carried out Nixon’s orders to fire the Special Prosecutor after his bosses resigned. But to Republican partisans, Watergate was a witch hunt. Hillary Clinton being on the committee staff had a lot to do with their later attacks on her. I don’t think it’s controversial that Nixon/Ford staffers Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney believed that Watergate had gone too far in curbing executive power and did everything they could while they were in power to reverse that.

But Watergate only caused a brief interruption in the rightward turn of America. When the Dems tried again with Iran/Contra, most people—or enough people—were “ho, hum” about it that there was no resignation or impeachment, and when Bush Sr. pardoned those involved, it didn’t cost him the way pardoning Nixon cost Ford.

This, I think, is when this Hatfield/McCoy vendetta between the parties really began, because while a lot of liberals thought Watergate was standing up for the Constitution, a lot of Republicans didn’t. They took it as a stunt to be repaid in kind. And that repayment came the next time they got control of the house with the Clinton impeachment. And just to make sure their revenge was complete, we had the situation in Florida in 2000. Later, Karl Rove would put an Alabama governor in jail as part of this.

Other minor skirmishes in this include the Jeffords switch in 2001, the betrayal of the Dems in 2002 after they went along with the AUMF, and so on.

I’m not saying the Democrats haven’t done their fair share. But I don’t really care about all of that. I vote to get my preferred policies enacted and for no other reason.