Our failed politics

Obama’s continuing capitulation to hostage takers on the other side leaves little “hope” of anymore “change” during his administration whether it has a second term or not. He is trying to bipartisan himself into the history books. Maybe there are some elites in the DC area that feel like this is what’s called for after so many partisan administrations in a row.

The trouble is people believe Obama is a partisan liberal Democrat. He’s getting no credit for any of this. Oh, and it also happens to be the wrong thing to do.

It has never been the right thing to do to cut spending on raise taxes in an economic situation like this one. Between Obama’s austerity program, the states eliminating everything under the sun, and the private sector’s hoarding of cash, we have exactly the situation that would predict: high unemployment and a stagnant economy.

Our political system somehow let a president be impeached over a blowjob and another one put into power by a few miscounted votes in Florida only to claim a mandate. This system let the latter destroy all of the economic accomplishments of the former, launch a fraudulent war and somehow talked the opposition into taking “impeachment off the table.” Then, a new President comes into power with the largest Congressional majorities in decades and he’s supposed to compromise and be bipartisan. Bush, who had no legitimacy coming into power, was allowed to run roughshod over the opposition, but this President had to compromise.

This is the system that let the Bush administration off with no reckoning for all of their crimes. It demanded that Obama capitulate to the criminal interests on Wall Street that brought on this crisis, both through their drunken stupor selling mortgages and through their no tax orthodoxy that has only concentrated power in their hands. No punishment there either.

Now, the same elites have convinced themselves that nothing is more exciting than playing chicken with a further economic crisis and then reaching that pinnacle of excitement when some “compromise” is hammered out that amounts to nothing less than negotiating with hostage takers. But we’re all so cuddly and bipartisan.

All of this is rooted, somehow, in the elites notion that they shouldn’t export their own coastal values. “Real America” is different. Well, I live on the Pacific coast and I’m a real American and I don’t see those in flyover country lifting a goddamn finger to understand me, and I live in a state where 1 in 8 Americans live. Who’s more real?

It’s getting very hard for me to give a shit anymore. I was dumb enough to believe something was going to happen in 2008. It didn’t. It matters who the president is. It matters who controls Congress, but not as much as it matters who controls the discourse.