Balancing the budget

Not that it should be balanced with 9% unemployment, but if you absolutely must do it:

Play Budget Hero.

The problem is, the commentary on the political effects of your ideas are not dynamic. Changing one thing doesn’t change the commentary, but think about this:

The game does not allow you to create a single-payer health care system. But it does allow you to create a public option, which saves $104 billion.

But in adding a public plan, you reduce if not eliminate a lot of the fallout from raising the Medicare age, means testing it, and doing likewise to other government health care programs, because… who cares?

If you’re covered, you’re covered.

If you make those adjustments, end the Bush tax cuts, end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, close a few small tax loopholes, and do a few other minor tweaks and you have a surplus in 10 years.

No one is serious about balancing the budget if they are not an advocate of at least including the public option, if not simply opening Medicare to everyone.