One more thing, Mr. Rich.

You forgot to add a reckoning of the crimes of the Bush administration

Three weeks before 9/11, enraged by television footage of an Israeli soldier putting his boot on the head of a Palestinian woman, he had snapped. Bandar, the crown prince’s nephew, was told to deliver an uncompromising message to President Bush.

“I reject this extraordinary, un-American bias whereby the blood of an Israeli child is more expensive and holy than the blood of a Palestinian child. . . . A time comes when peoples and nations part. . . . Starting today, you go your way and we will go our way. From now on, we will protect our national interests, regardless of where America’s interests lie in the region.” There was more, much more, and it rocked the Bush administration. The president responded with a placatory letter that seemed to go far toward the Saudi position of endorsing the creation of a viable Palestinian state.

The Bush Crime Family was, in addition to everything else,:

  • Soft on terrorism
  • Buckled to Saudi pressure against Israel
  • Responsible for the ascendancy of HAMAS in Gaza

If I was a Wall Street banker reading Frank Rich’s article in New York, I might ask why my shenanigans over money are more important than all of the thousands–perhaps almost a million, including civilians–killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United States due to the negligence, fraud, and malfeasance of the Bush administration, which no one has done anything about.