Playing Liberals For Suckers

It’s been 10 years since Eric Alterman documented the atrocities in What Liberal Media? But apparently knowing you’re being worked doesn’t make a difference to these so-called liberals. (Does anyone honestly think having David Brooks on as a columnist for The New York Times helps them sell one paper in the Bible belt?)

So, knowing that these “liberals” have internalized a lot of the attacks on them for not being real Americans (dissonance warning: we all love New York suddenly after 9/11), outlets like Slate will publish every single argument they can find that proves they really understand NASCAR.

As such, before 2008 we were told that tightening mortgage lending standards or more tightly regulating credit cards was an elitist way of denying access to credit that would keep the poor from participating in the American dream.

After 2008, it was a bunch of welfare queens lying to get loans they couldn’t afford and being deadbeats.

Of course, none of these people see any contradiction there.