The Obama Psychotic Split

It’s very heartwarming to see that the almost debilitating psychosis sweeping across the land due to the fact that we have a perceived-as* black president isn’t confined to white America. Apparently, it affects black professors who have made a career out of the status quo ante.

And while there is a credible argument to be made that I am actually blacker than Obama, the descendant of the lilyest of mothers and an African who never spent one day as a slave in America, nor any of whose ancestors did, I think we can take that genetic/cultural argument and place it to the side for a minute, because just about all of the Sons of the Confederacy are pretty damn sure he’s blaaAaack.

But West’s complaint (apparently that Obama hangs around with too many *fnord* JEWS *fnord*) is just the same old “house nigger” complaint.

Well, my ebony home boys, our fierce ladies of feminism are ahead of you on this one. third or fourth or some goddamn wave feminism decided it was ok for women to be housewives if they weren’t, like, totally forced into it. So, I’d say, let Urkle be Urkle as long as no one is cracking his suspenders. Know what I’m sayin’?

* To borrow the language of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.