Newt is smarter than the press.

I guess that could be a backhanded compliment, since I hold the starfucking Washington press corps in a level of contempt reserved for an enemy fifth column. But I mean it seriously.

Here’s how little strategery it takes to outwit them:

(1) Make a clever dogwhistle reference to blacks. Not overt. Must be dogwhistle.

(2) Wait for incisive question from media turd who wants to know if comment in #1 was racist based on liberal freaking out.

(3) Deny. How could my statement possibly be seen as racist?

(4) profit! You’ve now not only scored points for calling Obama a NIGGER without using the term, but you’ve scored points for with all of those racist whites who get their fee fees hurt every time someone calls them out on their bullshit about blacks.

They are either complicit or stupid. Or both.