Is the tea party over?

I think I agree with The Prospect here mostly, but their answer as to why leaves its own questions: why are Beck and Palin on the wane?

I think it’s because like other fads these dies it just ends. Is anyone still fascinated with Charlie Sheen today? Does anyone even remember that a Congresswoman was shot in Arizona? No. I don’t think so.

The question I can’t put my finger on is why given this obvious tendency among the American public the GOP chose to do this before the midterm elections and blow their wad on Congress, which is important but not nearly as important as the White House.

My best guess is that the things they oppose are largely institutions that give existence to industries that support them (translated into GOP speak: “freedoms” that, once lost, we can’t get back) like health insurance, and that once the fight is over, it’s over. You can’t wait.