The Secret Plan To End The Wars.

Heading into 2012, the Republicans can feel it slipping away. They have no great candidate, and a series of clowns has held the lead. First Sarah Palin, then Donald Trump. Worse, Obama seems to be able to get some things done and has definitely solidified his centrist credentials.

All of this is more or less the result of the overheated extremist positions that Obama has brought about in them. Anyone who denies it’s largely about race is just pandering to an audience. Sure, the economy is a large issue. But there’s nothing that requires the reaction to tough times to be “fuck you” to everyone else instead of pulling together as a team.

And the GOP nominee will be someone that wants to be president very badly and sees this as their only chance. Someone more handsome, with a shorter name, and more popularity will be in the race in 2016, where there will probably once again not be a sitting vice president running.

That person will have to win the primaries of course. To do that, they will have to talk about birth certificates, muslims, and socialism.

But this person will have to do something to make themselves seem reasonable. Something to seem centrist. Something to seem not so extremist.

Here’s my prediction. A la Nixon, they will have a secret plan to end the wars. This will even convince a few liberals the way it did in 1968.

They will say Obama so mismanaged them that we have to get out, or whatever. Naturally, criticism of Obama regarding the wars is allowed even when it wasn’t allowed against Bush. This is their opening.