Call the Bluff

A prolonged shutdown would be disastrous for the economy. A short one would not be good either. Indeed, each hour of a shutdown would be like a body blow to the still bloodied economy.

But Obama and the Dems should call the bluff anyway. Shutting down the government over .00008% of the budget that is vaguely but not really sorta’ oriented towards abortion kida’ in concept is plain stupid. Even the Democrats should be able to win this framing war. And if that does happen, pressure will grow on the Republicans — because so few people share their obsession with womens’ uteruses — they will fold and Democrats will be in a much stronger position when the real fight starts over raising the debt limit and the 2012 budget. A more salutary result there will be far better for the economy than a small “w” win for the Republicans on this issue which would only serve them to suck more money out of the economy by making ore draconian cuts in the future.

Maybe, just maybe, Obama played good enough chess to corner them into this by giving so much on the cuts. He had cornered the shutdown into a social issue that is way down the list of most Americans priorities.

We shall see what we shall see.