Freedom is Slavery: How Latter-day Notions of Free Speech, Free Markets, Free Trade, and The Free Press Are Killing America


Free speech now means unregulated corporate money flows to political candidates who advance their agenda. Free trade has destroyed American manufacturing and with it the American middle class and any chance that labor would have had to match “free $peech” with industry. Free markets have enabled the financial sector to, again and again, plunge the country into recession and wipe out the savings of the middle class. None of this is reported from a non-corporate point of view in the mass media because “free press” has come to mean that the government cannot regulate the delivery of news, and so it has become a form of entertainment. While everyone is looking the other way, all of these ill-gotten gains are returned to politics by free speech, thus completing the circle.

This is America in the age of the Fundamentalist Randians where the fact that God metes out judgment, in both the form of reward in punishment only in monetary terms.

More to come…