Egypt Update

I said:

But wouldn’t it be interesting if instead of backing the dictator, the US got behind the revolutionaries, Islamists or not? It’s the one thing we haven’t tried.

They said:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs called for an end to violence and the lifting of the Internet ban. Secretary of State Clinton insisted that “leaders need to respond” to their peoples’ calls for democracy; Sen. John Kerry, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, went further, explicitly calling for free and fair elections. On top of that, the Obama administration is publicly threatening to reconsider the $1.5 billion in annual military aid we give Egypt, which, as I noted earlier today, was actually the initial result of Egypt’s becoming the first Arab country to make peace with Israel.

I still think the news wants to make a bigger deal of this than it will be. So many of these “revolutions” have come to nothing. Nothing happened in Pakistan after Bhutto was killed. Nothing happened in Iran after the elections were rigged. Whatever happened in Lebanon after the assassination there seems to have reversed itself.

I also wonder if the revolutionary governments will care if the US gets behind them or not. But it might be a good start. Like I said, it’s just about the only thing we haven’t tried.