Seems like a huge political Rohrschach test. For the Pacifists, it shows that corrupt Arab dictators are trying to foment a war against Iran. For the Hawks, it shows that everyone hates Iran so we should go to war. I’m assuming that at least someone in the government realizes that these rulers have their own agenda and we won’t just launch the attack because they say so. It appears the countries in the region want to contain their age old Persian rivals, and other world powers are trying to exploit the tension to their own advantage. Shocking.

But I have yet to read or hear of anything that should truly shock anyone. You mean American diplomats form opinions about foreign leaders? You mean they say things that demonstrate their human weirdness? Come on.

All that is going to happen from this is that security will get tighter on these low-level type cables and the real stuff, the top secret stuff, will get even harder. And that is the stuff we might have had some real revelation from.

Right now I’m watching Amy Goodman pimp a story about Daniel Ellsberg. Supposedly, these Wikileaks are supposed to be the same thing as the Pentagon Papers. Sigh. Again, the Rohrschach test. I wish Boomers would realize that our current adventures are on an entirely different level of insanity than Vietnam.