The Bushies versus Palin

Barbara Bush’s first quotable since indicating the jackpot Superdome residents had hit was a very grandmotherly swipe at Sarah Palin. And now another Bush comes out with a liberal-bashing fusillade that cherry picks statistics and more or less says that an Obama defeat is inevitable unless Palin is the nominee, so, don’t run Sarah.

And of course we know that Karl Rove worked to try and foil Palin-annointed Christine O’Donnell.

Perhaps it is quaint and antiquated to be shocked by the retainers of the dumbest person ever to be President trying to critique the credentials of the one person who has a good chance at taking away that record. Almost all of the criticism that is being laid at Palin’s feet could apply to Bush.

Bush did not finish his second term as Governor of Texas, either. Is he a quitter? Bush had to have Dick Cheney ride shotgun to make people feel ok about his not being able to find the country of Europe on a map. Remember?

The Republicans appear to believe that Obama is doomed. Perhaps he is, but they have no legitimate basis for forming that belief. Many Presidents appear to be in deep shit at about this point in their first terms. I know Republicans ignore history as a badge of honor, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

So, a GOP defeat in 2012 would hardly be Palin’s fault alone. None of their candidates is all that exciting. I would say some event causing an even further drop in Obama’s support is just as likely as something that rallies it and the American public’s memory is extremely short. Even the idea that his reelection is contingent on unemployment is a sort of amnesia. Does anyone believe that if a shooting war started in North Korea tomorrow that it wouldn’t improve Obama’s numbers?

Plus, Palin is the most representative of her party’s primary voters. If Republicans were honest, they would nominate her. Even the aforementioned article is so busy unburdening itself with resentments over Obama’s election (it was affirmative action, etc.) that it is pro-Palinism even if it is anti-Palin. Palin is more concerned with retaliating at her critics than in enacting any real agenda. We all know it. And so is the GOP. Their outrage du jour is just that: some kind of mechanism for venting their rage at God knows what onto politics that are mostly irrelevant to what’s bugging them. (Remember when there was a bullet shortage after Obama was elected? I mean, these people really believed that Obama was going to take away their guns. Sigh.)

If you can’t tell by now that smarty pants attacks only empower and embolden Palin, you haven’t been paying attention. If you think that some shiny suit like Mitt Romney (who I’m sure Palin does not want anyone to vote against because he’s MORMON MORMON MORMON) will beat her, you’re high. If you think that media coverage of her verbal gaffes matter, then I ask you when we went back to pre-Bush rules in the first place.

Some kind of racist slip up will not bring her down. Some kind of tabloid media scandal will not bring her down. The 1,098,534th gaffe will not bring her down.

The only thing that stands in her way to the GOP nomination is the same thing that kills all celebrity: time. People don’t care about the stars of 5 years ago at all. She is clever at staying relevant. But at some point, it could end.

She could also get on the wrong side of a big issue that suddenly becomes important to her voters. She might be compelled to go further with her wag-the-dog rhetoric about Obama starting a war with Iran to get reelected, but if there is a major military conflict, I don’t see her voters suddenly becoming doves. Sure, there will be the odd Republican voice here and there like there was in Clinton’s presidency accusing him of bombing Osama bin Laden to change the subject from Monica Lewinsky, but those are just political hatchet men that are there for certain people. They don’t let those people out in the daylight much.

A lot of older cynical liberals remind us that Ronald Reagan was scoffed at much like Palin. Younger ones might point out, like I did, that Bush isn’t really all that different.

Well, like I said: if the GOP is honest, they will nominate her. If America truly deserves her, we will elect her.