Turning Meme?

Republicans are evidently pulling out of Delaware with the nomination of Conservatron anti-Beet the Meatles cartoon Christine O’Donnell. The simple arithmetic is that this has turned one likely Republican pick up back into a Democratic hold — and the Dems will likely get a House seat out of the bargain.  But there is something that separates  O’Donnell from other “TP” anti-Republican establishment candidates like Rand Paul, Ken Buck, Sharron Angle and that Alaskan guy who looks like he participates in speed pork rib eating contests.


Unlike the western states or the far Appalachian Kentucky, Delaware is smack dab in the middle of the New York/DC media saturation zone. While Paul may have some pseudo-intellectual muffin head street cred along with his daddy’s name rec, and the semi-Alaskan rib eater seems right out of the Palin woodwork, and Ken Buck looks like an annoying Woody Paige style Coloradan, and even Angle’s treasonous lunacy about “second amendment solutions” has a certain Yosemite Sam style Western tang to it; O’Donnell is a not-ready-for-prime-time loon, who is already a known loser in Delaware politics, and will forever be indelible for this mid-90’s culture war shenanigan. Not only is the topic, uhm, not exactly senatorial, but she gives the bedroom eyes to her fellow anti-lust preacher at about 1:05.

So O’Donnell is a goof city sideshow spouting a ridiculous opinion on an off the beaten path, somewhat touchy,  and double entendre rich topic right in the Big Media’s maw. Perhaps some  proximity-facilitated examination of this entertainment will led to a careful perusal of other like minded Conservatrons and the “meme” may change from “Anti-Incumbent Route” to “who are these belligerent anti-self actualization people.”

Patty Murray has pulled ahead in Washington State recently, likely because her opponent, Dino Rossi, is already a known, loathed quality amongst Democrats. If Democrats in other states get a sense of what they will be getting if they stay home or switch, then they may be able to avoid a route.