It’s not a “right” if you have to do it with other people’s permission.

The right has now given up on denying that muslims have a right to build mosques. Now they, like the ADL, are talking about “hurt feelings.” I might be more interested in this—in the “wisdom” of it as Obama said—if it really was at Ground Zero. It’s not. This is really about building mosques anywhere at all—the excuse is popping up all over the country.

I’m not an “interfaith” kind of guy. But because of that, I’m sensitive to the fact that others might not be too, so we have to deal with each other. You can try and reason with people. If they are reasonable, you can work with them. Imagine:

Can’t build a mosque there? Not enough parking? Fine. Here—we’ll build a free, patrolled parking ramp. Still not good enough? Sorry. We aren’t bargaining anymore, this is our right.

The privilege of being “reasonable” about this was lost the minute the distortion of its location began. This was always about no mosques period. That’s why they have to lie about where it is.