The Caffeine-free Diet Vanilla Coke Society

I was musing over headlines from the latest court case in the culture wars today. Some boy scout troop somewhere was given permission to exclude gays. The specifics don’t matter.

I began to think about whether this is something worth worrying about anymore. Do we live in a country where it is possible to have forward motion anymore? The postmodern theorists say that our time is about a big collage of different trends, past and present all at once. It’s not about some kind of definable age anymore.

Watching Gonzo, the Hunter S. Thompson biopic, I was reminded of his writing about the wave breaking of the 60s. In retrospect, even though I was born after that era, I participated in its last lingering relics. Ever see a Hasid walking down the street, straight out of the 18th century ghetto—yet, here now? I attended college that attempted to preserve the traditions of the long ago 60s in a time and place hostile to it, like the Hasid you see on the street attempting to preserve his time and place. The general culture will never go back, but some people blow up bubbles of the past.

But isn’t this how we all do it now? Pepsi may have been about the new generation, but our generation is about having hundreds of kinds of soda, not the one that’s coolest.

So, is it even worth it to force social norms on the backward looking homophobic douches that are bringing ruin to our country? Obviously, there has to be some kind of corporate guarantee that they can’t use the government power to control us in reverse, but would this kind of social armistice work, or just allow too many to be repressed?