Fire him.

I avoid the news more than I used to these days. I’m still up on what’s going on, but I don’t spend a lot of time reading in depth. It’s a mental health issue. But an insubordinate general, and what’s the Democratic President supposed to do?

On the one hand, if he fires him, he hates the military because he’s a librul. If he doesn’t he’s a pussy because he’s a librul. The answer here is to stop worrying about what these idiotic teabagger assholes think and let their “that’s so 2009” fad burn itself out, as it is on the verge of doing.

This whole Vietnam syndrome is ridiculous. Worse, I’m sure we’re going to hear comparisons to Truman/McCarthy for all the wrong reasons. (One being that Truman was unpopular, like Obama. Who is unpopular with a 50% approval rating, but Bush was popular at 30%—just to be clear on the rules, here.)

Fire him.

And my patience on Afghanistan is wearing thin.


Stupidest irrelevant news column: McChrystal is a liberal. So what? So because he tolerates gays and banned Fox News from his headquarters he’s allowed to go completely off the reservation? No. What if it was the other way around? Of course it doesn’t matter.

His job was to fix Afghanistan. He failed. Now, as for Petraeus, say what you will and I know the situation is very different, but Iraq is in much better shape than Afghanistan. It’s just true.