Impeachment Off The Table

No matter what Bush had done, Speaker-elect Pelosi said impeachment was off the table. Now, the right-wing idiot box says that Obama’s alleged job offer to Sestak to get out of the election is an “impeachable offense” before anything has even happened this fall.

So, naturally, Dems go on defense. Idiots. This is a perfect attack point: a national basis of the 2010 election is now this: put the GOP in power and we will be sidetracked for years by the latest birther scam of nothing. Remember what happened last time? We lost focus on Obama and the economy. And they failed utterly. Dare them. Go for it.

Of course, an impeachable offense is whatever Congress says it is; it’s their power. The check on their power is not the Court, it’s the ballot box. Does anyone really think the electorate will long suffer another phantom GOP impeachment?

I’m waiting for Boehner to take impeachment off the table.

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