Direct Action

The cutesy blackout staged more as a PR stunt than as an effective protest of global warming obviously had no effect. But the peak of global warming awareness that corresponded to the success of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and Hurricane Katrina is abating. The economy is used as an excuse to do nothing.

A much more powerful statement would be a general strike by those in the science and technical fields whose work directly depends on climate science. If this could be spread out enough to cost the economy 2% of its output that day, it would correspond with the worst-case scenarios estimated for the current climate-change legislation.

But I wouldn’t link it with anyone’s legislation or anyone’s party.

If people are saying climate science is fake, then all of the work that depends on it as being real shouldn’t be necessary. Shouldn’t really hurt the economy, right?

What’s even better is that a general strike like this would be confined to elites who can afford to do a sick day a lot more than someone who needs to put food on the table and is an hourly worker.

I would also suggest that doctors in Texas—or anyone else upon whose work the science of evolution depends—do the same. If it’s so wrong, they don’t need you, right?

Of course that’s bullshit and people who know damn well that this science is good are just stirring up the yokels. It’s long past time to call their bluff.