I know the Likudniks at Commentary magazine, The New Republic, et al. see themselves on one side of the chess board and the Palestinians on the other. They’re sitting on the Israeli side of the board, though, not necessarily the American side. Even the closest of allies have differing interests. To advance their strategy, they have made continuing efforts to sow distrust of Obama in the Jewish community as a Muslim. They apparently had no problem when Bush was palling around with the Saudis and their agent “Bandar Bush.”

And while they can bamboozle most Americans into thinking that they actually want a two-state solution, or peace at all. But that would be bullshit. Some experts think the problem is beyond solution. That may be the case, but these folks aren’t being honest about it. I personally think it is beyond naive to think that peace in Israel with the Palestinians will stop agitation in the Muslim world against Israel or the United States, it would certainly reduce it. I’m not exactly sure how many Muslim nations’ governments would fall if they recognized Israel even in such a condition, but it would be surprising if none did. As for the US, at least some will continue to plot against us.

But regardless of what it is that there is a disagreement about, no one should expect the political views of a minority government’s leader in Israel to trump those of the U.S. president in matters of U.S. policy. It’s quite plain to me that Obama is 100% behind Israel with respect to the Iranian nuclear program, but completely unclear to me why people think that working for a solution with the Palestinians means that Obama wants to coddle Iran.