David Cameron 2012?

In case you don’t have a hobby of following UK politics, then you might not know who David Cameron is. Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party in the UK. He is expected to be the next Prime Minister, though it’s not clear if the Tories will get a clear majority at this time. But, here’s what’s interesting.

Cameron is a typical aristocratic Tory, but his strategy for winning is to not campaign against the UK’s socialized medicine. He wants to “mend not end” the NHS.

The Labour Party has been in power for 15 years and it’s “New Labour” iteration has run out of steam politically and policywise and suffers from a very uncharismatic leader in Gordon Brown and still bears the legacy of the Iraq war around its neck. Plus, it owns the recession. It’s in a similar position to the DLC Democrats in 2000. The population has not moved away from the general principles of the party, but they want faces more than new policies.

Cameron is trying to oblige them. It may work or it may not. But if it does, will we see an American Cameron promising to “mend not end” Obamacare in 2012?

Not unless there is a giant shift in the GOP’s strategy and they will have to talk themselves out of learning from recent history, which, for example, forced the Democrats for 30 years to be militaristic to avoid looking like McGovern. And Mitt Romney—the logical choice to be this person since RomneyCare is ObamaCare—is taking himself out of the running for this.

Paging Mayor Bloomberg…