Polemic March 2009=The Nation January 2010

I said fuck Geithner then. They say it now. Why prevent something when you can blame after the fact, right?

As I so delicately put it about a year ago:

Anyway, Geithner must have a small dick that too many of these ass holes have seen in the sauna at the Harvard club or something and he’s too worried about what they think. Fuck that shit. If I’m Obama, you’re fired and we tried it the bankers way.

Thanks for catching up.

One thought on “Polemic March 2009=The Nation January 2010”

  1. I believe the expression “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission,” directly applies in this case. See also Taibbi, et al, on the close connections between Geither, his Treasury underlings, and Goldman Sachs…


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