I haven’t adopted these views yet and I’m putting them out there more to hear feedback from different points of view and to get hate mail being critical.

So, here’s a perception:

You have power and then you have money. The two may go hand in hand, but aren’t necessarily the same. In a communist dictatorship, the power controls what’s owned. There were probably many rulers that were in it less to have a bunch of stuff than to be able to do what they wanted. In a fascist system (at least on paper) the money controls the power.

Our country runs on a sort of hybrid version of this. There are a bunch of domains where power dominates money in our system. There are others where money rules. Whenever one of these domains is threatened with flipping to the other side, there is a huge fracas. Right now, power is trying to dominate money with respect to health care. It’s causing a fight!

There may be a way to call a truce. Or at least make the fights less frequent… let the money power control the domain of finance, don’t regulate the financial markets in other words. In exchange for removing and instead of regulation, money has to give up a “firewall.” This means no privatizing social security and it means a lot bigger social safety net. In exchange for that, we’ll give up deregulation. In other words, would the depression have been so bad if everyone had food, shelter, and health care?