The Short Version

Blogs developed at least in part to give junkies access to “insider” information that might or might not be filtered out of traditional media reports. This is just part of it, but the trouble with things like a major piece of health care reform legislation is that all of this information confuses people between the negotiations and the endgame.

The endgame calculations are this: no bill is a total victory for Republicans. A bill that’s more like what Howard Dean proposed in 2004 is still in the offing. If we get that, there’s no reason that a public option can’t be added later. Hasn’t it always been the case that the public option was supposed to be a stalking horse for single payer?

Of course I want the public option. It may still happen. And all of the above is the endgame tinkering. We’re not in the endgame yet. Therefore it is no where close to time to stop arguing for the public option–or even single payer.

But the idea that we’re going to go Nader on Obama if this all doesn’t become a miracle pony plan in one single shot is childish impatient and lame.