I got sick something awful yesterday (I’ll spare you the details) and ended up missing out on my opportunity to visit my Congresswoman’s local health care forum. I haven’t heard anything about it.

For most of my life, I have had a strong aversion to crying ‘racism.’ It’s almost entirely ad hominem. You’re saying the other person is either not capable of or actually not making a point in good faith because of their racial views. And reasonable people can disagree. I think reasonable people can ever wonder about what laws do to white people, or whether our problems are more class than race based.

On the other hand, I think too many people are simply blind to the race realities of American life. Do you really think it’s just a coincidence that blacks are disproportionately poor and that there was slavery? Unlike other slaveries in history, this one still has an impact on our lives—it’s not a mere historical trivium.

But that reality doesn’t make it a conclusive rationale for any and everything, nor does the ignorance of it mean everyone is a racist.

There, now I’ve been a typical measured liberal trying to explain this intellectually. But, in reality, the facts don’t matter. The birth certificate thing is just code—even to my white male ears—for “ZOMG! HE’S BLACK!”

The health care mobs show the same deliberate bad faith ignorance of the facts. No one, even the Dennis Kuciniches in the House, are proposing socialized medicine, like the UK’s NHS where the doctors actually work for the government (like our VA).

Single payer is the most radical solution out there, and we have that in the form of Medicare. A post-office like public option? Hmm. Well, facts don’t matter. And many of these folks are either on Medicare or are uncovered. So whence the death panels?

It’s racism.