Help Us Obi-Franken, You're Our Only Hope

It sure sounds like health care reform is going to be so watered down that it won’t mean anything. Depending on which of today’s polls you believe, there is either 76% or 83% in favor of a public option. Is there ever that much support on anything? And yet there are only 37 senators on record supporting the public option. There needs to be 50 (it’s a reconciliation bill).

The Minnesota Supreme Court is supposed to rule tomorrow. If this mean Franken gets seated, that may change the dynamics in Washington, because—theoretically—Republicans will lose the power to block anything. If the Dems are smart enough to use that as a stick, then maybe something will get done on health care.

What I can’t understand is what the Dem strategy is here. They will own the bill no matter what. Who cares if it has a single Republican vote? If the Republicans water it down and then vote against it they can have it both ways. Obama will own it too, so he should start to speak up.