I have always maintained a less than dovish position on Iran. When we invaded Iraq, I lamented that it weakened our ability to deal with the Iranian regime. While I certainly am not in favor of the proposed Israeli strike to “take out” Iran’s nuclear capability (which would be counterproductive and would probably fail anyway), there is no disputing that the Iranian regime supports terrorism and, now, in case it wasn’t plain before, suppresses its own people—violently.

The problem with so much of the anti-Iranian rhetoric, like with much of the crap we spew, is that it doesn’t seem to differentiate between the people who are the problem—in this case, Achmadinejad and the mullahs—and the individual Iranians, who, of course, want a better life.

I don’t know what the US can do, or what we have the credibility to do. I’m sure our Sunni allies don’t mind seeing Iran implode, and I’m sure people in Israel and our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t mind seeing that regime weakened. I sure don’t. But there is an opportunity here to bring about in Iran what we used to talk about in Iraq—democracy. I just don’t think it’s America’s opportunity.

Also, I’m resistant to the cult of personality surrounding Mousavi. He’s better than the current crop. But this is about the people of Iran and their hopes, not any one leader. I wish them the best.