More Domestic Terrorism

This is a great post:

I wonder which of Ross Douthat and Megan McArdle’s pre-existing policy preferences we’re going to have to institute in order to appease the latest domestic terrorist. Certainly, I don’t think there’s any question that this horrible tragedy could have been averted if only the Supreme Court would overrule Roe v. Wade.

And, also, I might add, why wasn’t this guy caught by racial profiling?!

Obviously, theses groups are being driven nuts by there being a black president, so in their twisted world, it’s time to kill some Jews (who, I’m sure are the puppetmasters putting Obama in power). This is part of a right-wing overboil that began last fall with the murder of a Unitarians in their church, with an Arkansas Democratic party official, the police shootings in Pittsburgh by right-wing separatists, the attempted bombings in Riverdale, and the abortion doctor shooting in Kansas.

They think the “liberals” are taking over. Suddenly, treason, sedition, and violating the rule of law are perfectly fine. When Bush was president, merely voting against his fake war was treason, or not wearing a flag lapel pin, or not clapping loud enough.

Right wing frustration has certainly been stoked by the declining economy. But as Amy Chua wrote in her book World on Fire, the economic decline of a majority group (here, whites) if seen to be caused by others (here, blacks and/or Jews) can and does lead to violent blowback. In some of Chua’s cases, the blowback was a justified answer to violent oppression. A recent book review in the Forward also documents this trend as stemming from internationalism replacing communism as the scapegoat. This is why guys like today’s shooter may be just as exorcised that Obama was, you know, not born in America as his being black, and, while not usually a concern of Nazis, his perceived lack of desire to slaughter all Arabs is seen as UNism instead of not just killing all the non-Americans.

This is all the more reason that the DHS’s report on internal terrorists in April should have been heeded, not ridiculed. It’s not that like this is news to people that have been paying attention.

This after 8 years of a “war on terror,” which was used to justify everything from shoe removal at the airport, to one of the largest losses of civil liberties in American history, to a fake war against the wrong people—and all the while, the people in this very country looking to do us harm were almost entirely ignored. Why? Because they were racially profiled as, you know, non-terrorists.

Racial profiling—the kind the right wants—just like torture is not about getting results or preventing crime. It is and always will be about punishing that group.

It’s ultimate failure ought to be shown here, by an 89 year old white man committing acts of terrorism.