Californians say, "Dude, Fuuuuuck you!"

Not that anyone voted (I read turnout was around 19%, an historic low), but those who did voted about 2 to 1 against Sacramento’s latest bailout. This time, the bailout was for the current incumbents, hoping that the coming fiscal reckoning wouldn’t come during their term limited lives. Arnold was hoping to pass the buck to Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman.

It didn’t work. Both parties are in big trouble because both caused this. The GOP’s side of the Faustian bargain was to be relegated to the minority, but to keep enough seats to get one or two things come budget time and to be able to vote against any tax increases, while the Democrats run the Legislature and mainly deal with the Governor. In the process the main constituencies of the Democratic party get special attention.

So many of the newspaper articles were full of comments like this.

“They kind of take each issue in a microcosm, rather than relate the decision to prior decisions, or future decisions that they might make,” he said. “Voters don’t think about the consequences of how one thing fits with another.”

Well, the system is set up for that. That shouldn’t be a surprise. But none of our “leaders” has the balls to come out and say we need reform that would limit that mob rule recklessness.

The Governor’s race for 2010 is wide open. Whoever lays out a comprehensive package of real reform will win, and it’s going to have to include in the message that we’re going to have to eat our vegetables too.