I didn’t support the mob coup against Gray Davis in 2003 that was based on his alleged failure in the power crisis—which was really engineered in 1996 during Pete Wilson’s reign and by Enron traders. I didn’t support his massive failure of ballot measures in 2005, and I certainly didn’t support his reelection in 2006.

But I knew that his election was inevitable due to a combination of public anger due to the power crisis and the pro-Republican wave following 9/11. I knew his reelection was inevitable because his opponent in 2006 was a typical California Democratic Party douchebag hack.

It was not on my list of high priorities in 2006, and I’m glad most Democrats put priority on Congressional races that year, because winning both houses of Congress was simply more important. Mostly this was because Schwarzenegger on the left-right spectrum is genuinely moderate.

But his politics aside he is a massive failure. California’s problems have gone from drastic to cataclysmic during his tenure. Sure the Democratic legislature bears its hefty share of responsibility, but they were able to get all of their members to vote for their agenda. Schwarzenegger couldn’t independently get one vote from his own party.

Neither he nor the Legislature has ever put any real reform (even though that’s what he ran on) before the voters. Instead, they keep putting band aid after band aid in front of us.

Now in the face of the imminent failure, Schwarzenfail releases a budget and a bunch of threats. I’ll have to release 38,000 prisoners and fire 5,000 more workers! Is that your problem, sir, or ours?