As Long as We Are Talking Identity Politcs with the New Justice

How about a Native American? Given the unique and unusual relationship that American Indians have with the Federal government as citizens of various derivations of quasi-separate nations, a Native could provide a valuable perspective to the SCOTUS’ ruminations.

I have no idea if there is an able Native justice out there, but since there will be an element of “just because” to this selection then you might as well go with a Local.

Also, I welcome the inevitable Conservatron hyperventilating and projectile vomit of fnords over whoever Obama selects. Please let them fool themselves into believing that a proxy fight over whatever wedge issues no one cares about anymore is their way out of the wilderness. This is just proof positive that there is no need to take them seriously for now.

One thought on “As Long as We Are Talking Identity Politcs with the New Justice”

  1. That’s the best part of this. They will think that their formula of fighting everything will help them with the public. Anyway, I think Obama should go for a center-left white man this time, maybe someone like Erwin Chemerinsky, and try something new next time.

    In terms of diversity, what I’d like to see more than anything else would be someone from outside legal academia or the bench. Clinton wanted to appoint Mario Cuomo for that reason, because who was the most transformative Justice of the 20th century? Earl Warren, who was a very popular Governor of California (nominated by both parties one time), and wasn’t really a legal scholar or a judge.

    I think a WASP male from outside the legal world would bring a lot more diversity to the Supreme Court than a native american lesbian hindu from inside would.


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