Catholic Church One-Upping Evangelicals

I don’t think I can believe this. Apparently, officials in the Catholic Church have decided to stomp their feet about Obama giving the inaugural address at Notre Dame because he’s pro-choice. (Is it me or does that bishop look like the drunk irishman from central casting?)

I guess they can get past speakers who violate all kinds of other alleged life priorities of the Church, like the death penalty. (Obama nominally supports that too, so, why aren’t they protesting on that ground?) Why not refuse any official from the U.S. Government, which has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands or Iraqis for a war sold on a pack of lies?

Because they don’t care. They only care about oppressing gays and women. (Abortion is just a step toward eliminating birth control, it’s not just that “one thing.”)

They are in a race with the Evangelicals to capture the support of the delirious and angry right wing of religious practitioners.

Something tells me Obama wouldn’t be turned away at Brandeis, or even Yeshiva U. Maybe he should take sides with a religion that has chosen to grown its affiliated ranks my moving to the left.