The T1000 Dies

At the end of Terminator 2, when they put the T1000 into the molten iron his death throes consist of fleeting changes into the forms of the people who he has killed in order to assume their shape.

This is more or less what is going on with Conservatism right now. The last election put their asses in the iron, and they’re in their death throes. And they are ugly, and they are violent. It’s funny, because the media is playing along like they’re still relevant. Unless you count all 41 Republicans senators as part of the Far Right (I don’t) they are totally, utterly irrelevant in Washington D.C. right now. Except for the fact that they still seem to get more air time and column inches.

But people are more or less ignoring the pundits right now. More than usual.

Like the T1000, the Conservatives are flashing through their multiple personalities. Fiscal budget slasher. Heroic deregulator. Defender of those who play by the “rules.” Tax cutters extrodinaire. “Serious” foreign policy advocate. Monocled robber baron. Ecstatic evangelical.

But each face that presents itself does nothing more than scream before it exhausts itself.

We are hearing a bunch of light weight Governors play Orval Faubus and try to keep the n— lovin’ federal troops away, not from desegregating schools, but from putting people to work because the money is “wasteful.” FAIL.

We then hear a fraud pundit who everyone takes for some kind of intellectual because he wears a bowtie (to me it’s just evidence—more evidence—he belongs on the short bus) deny global warming as a hoax. FAIL.

There were even some ironic rumblings from rubberstamp Republicans of the Bush era (I’m looking at you Walnuts) complaining about deficit spending. Haha.

There was that piece of shit on CNBC complaining about “paying losers’ mortgages” and there’s a Limbaugh fan at every watercooler telling you that “you’re paying” for all of these bailouts. The latter group appear only when non-bankers need bailouts. Odd phenomenon. Hypocrisy FAIL.

All of this seems so threatening, like the right is building a head of steam. Really, they’re just reorienting themselves to their natural place: the loud and whiny opposition. This is exactly what they sounded like in 1964. It’s exactly what they sounded like in 1992. Rinse, repeat.

They complain and sabotage until the governing consensus folks lose power, then they come in and fuck shit up one way or another, so we take their toys away and they cry.

Having a “just say no” policy towards Obama is going to get you a lot of high fives from the douchebags who still listen to Rush and who attend Republican conventions, but it’s not going to get you any votes.

The Republicans would be wise to look at a guy like Schwarzenegger, but of course, they hate him and their in the process of lynching him and anyone else who tries to govern. In California, Democrats even act like they’re the Governing party when they’re not—and it gets them screwed.

Old habits die hard—like the T1000 in the iron.