How to get thrown out of office AND hurt the environment

The Oregon DOT is exploring a way to tax miles driven (not “mileage” which sounds better) instead of gallons of gas used.

Now, taxes have to be big enough to actually change behavior. Before last year, most experts predicted that much lower levels of gas price inceases would begin to change behavior than it did, and more radically. So, depending on exactly how this is implemented, it might not be enough of a difference in price to actually make it relevant.

But the message is “we don’t care if you drive a Peterbilt or a use a solar powered scooter” is as bad of a policy as “drive less” is politically.

Americans associate cars with freedom. Changing that association is much, much harder work than simply making cars that don’t cause global warming or passing a different tax for roads. The former is a miracle, the latter merely scientific.

This is so stupid I wonder if it’s just a gambit to drum up support for alternate revenue streams. A small hike in income tax sure sounds better than having some bureacrat measure your mileage annually and always having limits placed on your symbol of freedom.

One thought on “How to get thrown out of office AND hurt the environment”

  1. What’s doubly stupid about this is that a gas tax would tax people for miles driven in so much that the more miles you drive the more gas you use, especially if you’re driving a gas guzzler.


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