Fair Enough, Mrs. Bush

Laura Bush says that history will judge whether her husband was the worst president ever. Fair enough. That story can’t be written until the end of the American Republic. Of course, Bush II’s hastening of that should count for something.

And, heck. Who knows? It might turn out that Karzai and Al Maliki could end up bringing peace to the Middle East, making peace with Iran and Israel and liberalizing Saudi Arabia. The United Republics of Alexandria (all the countries from Greece east to Afghanistan, south to Yemen) could lead the world into a post-oil age, where we still rely on them for products made from oil, but not oil as an energy source.

And every Muslim and every Jew were invited to celebrate the opening of the Joint-Third Temple/Al Aqsa mosque and it could turn out that our Constitution was fatally flawed and that only wiretapping and torture could save the world, and that Bush set the precedents for the proper exercise of executive power. Oh, and that gay people really are a virus.

And ponies and unicorns jump across the world with happy rainbow streamers and everyone is a shiny happy person.

So until that comes about, we’ll just have to settle with calling Bush II the worst president as of his leaving office.