Lefty Blogosphere's Shark Jumping Continues

To date, we have had 7 weeks since election day. And each week has demonstrated the perils of shtick-loss in the lefty blogosphere. Like phantom limb syndrome, bloggers continue to predict the apocalypse every time Obama’s decision doesn’t reflect their agenda. You mean, Obama’s a center-left politician? But he’s BLACK! Or something. I wish I could say this is surprising and spare these folks embarrassment, but, I knew this all along. My vote for Hillary ultimately hinged on the fact that her health care plan was universal and Obama’s wasn’t. What—Obama isn’t for single payer? If that’s news to you, go detox on the Kool-Aid.

So, you see, my expectations about Obama were based on the man, not on his “movement” (of which I am a proud part) and its Smells Like College Spirit group of messianists.

So, let’s review the outrage of the week.

Week 1 – Rahm Emanuel. But he’s a fnord-CLINTONITE-fnord!!!

Wee k 2 – Obama refuses to call for the purge of Joe Liebermann, blogs forget about Nebraska Nelson who votes with Dems less.

Wee k 3 – The “irresponsible reporting” of the Guardian confirms that Obama is going to nominate evil Hillary Clinton for State. Blogosphere instantly generates 600 reasons why this is false. Of course, it’s true. But all these CLINTON people—that’s not CHANGE that’s…who cares if they know what they’re doing?

Week 4 – They’re daring to keep a REPUBLICAN in the White House: Gates. Obama is evil!

Week 5 – [Blagojevich Interruption – temporary return to support of Obama]

Week 6 – RICK WARREN —you mean Obama likes religion? I thought he was a half-breed muslin.

Week 7 – So far, we’re still on Rick Warren and how his talking for 30 seconds at the inauguration is going to cast a pall on what will surely be a great speech by Obama. But hey, it’s only Monday. Even with xmas, we’re sure to hear about something else that Imperator Obama who has no real power forgot to do.

Seriously, there’s nothing better to do than explain how each of these events is the end of the world? How each of these issues is the most important thing to handle—except of course for stomping on people who don’t think these are the most important things?

Ha. It’s sad really. The blogs were our answer to talk radio. But if they don’t cure their inability to deal with actually being in power, they will undermine the Democrats and bring us back to 2000, where Al Gore wasn’t good enough for us until he was.