Guardian: HRC to accept SoS

I’m agnostic on this. I’m not sure she’ll do a better job than Richardson, who is objectively more qualified. And the idea that John Kerry, who should be rolling out his own special edition of Summer’s Eve, is “owed” something by Obama for giving him the 2004 keynote is beyond ridiculous.

My interest in this story is purely that “who farted?” reaction from the lefty blogosphere. They may not realize this, but they probably jumped the shark as “community” or “movement” when they started piling on Obama like he fumbled at a gay neudist football championship in the mud the minute he got 270 EVs on the board.

B-b-b-b-but this isn’t “change?” It’s not? I think it’s magnanimous. What do the kids these days have against the 90s anyway? The music was better, the drugs were more spiritual, our country had a peace dividend…anyway, I’m not exactly sure why this offends so many (former?) Obamites (the same kind of “Obamites” that were hosing us with Pro-Edwards bile up until the Iowa results started coming in) anyway.

As a for HRC supporter, I have marveled at Obama’s flawless execution. Why would I give up on him now?

One thought on “Guardian: HRC to accept SoS”

  1. The dumbest part of the backlash is that it underestimates Obama. If HRC is SoS she will be working for Obama. He’ll set the directions and she will carry them out capably. If their ideologies on foreign affairs were too dissimilar then the job would never be offered.


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