More looking back…

Five months ago…I considered 355 to be my “blowout” scenario. Today we know it’s 365.

Seven months ago…Judge Posner clamored for re-regulation, beating his economic soulmate Bubbles Greenspan to the punch by six months.

Nine months ago… still in the heat of the primaries, I said here’s $5 Obama won’t repeal NAFTA. I stand by that prediction, and I stand by the prediction that Obama is not a liberal. But he simply transcended those old categories by creating new ones. What I had wrong (and I wasn’t alone, but Mr. MacGregor called it) was that this was a new era election, not an old era one.

…at the same time I also congratulated Obama for winning 2008’s “Most important state.” Pretty astute of me, if I do say so.

…and, I said game over to Hillary on Feb. 10. But of course I thought she had it in the bag in the end of January (doh!)

But, once again, Mr. MacGregor kicked my ass and called it (the primary)the whole enchilada for Obama on January 7. (!) Nice.

Can someone please explain to me the late 2007 right-wing Obama moves? I still don’t understand them, or the attacks on now Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, who should be getting a job in this new administration as an apology.

I think the primary was a good thing for Democrats and for Obama. He had to get his polish. And—wow! did he ever get his polish!

Here’s a good one from August 10…*2007* bitching about the Glass-Steagall repeal.

I like this one now: we need “revolution” not impeachment. It was worth the wait.

Anyway, we did a damn good job working up to this. Now I plan to wrap 2008 up and take a break from politics, (re)learn how to play the guitar and get back to my other interests.

One thought on “More looking back…”

  1. Thanks for the props! I called the whole election as Obama in a landslide on January 7, 2008. Turned out to be one of my more prescient Sunday evening let-the-mind-wander bike rides.

    That said, I was wrong that Obama would win either AZ or LA as a WTF state this time around. Montana was mighty close though!


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