State of North Carolina Calls North Carolina for Obama (UPDATE: AP makes call 11/6)

I guess the networks are more tentative than a state’s own election officials? Nah, they’re just missing it. Obama wins North Carolina.

Raleigh Observer: Unofficial returns show Obama ahead by 13,746 votes.

Trends over the last 14 years point to Obama having a wider lead after the provisionals are counted, said Gary Bartlett, executive director of the State Board of Elections.

“It widens the lead for the winner, no matter who that may be,” Bartlett said.

So, he states a method, and a reason why McCain won’t make up the 13k+ votes. Obama wins NC. It and ND were the only state I got wrong. Not bad. So far as I know, only the NE-2 is outstanding.

That makes the final score 364/365 to 173/174.3, just under a 2-1 EV advantage for Obama.

Update: NE-2 appears that it will go narrowly for McCain. I don’t expect many recounts in the Presidential races, because there aren’t enough close states to matter.

But what should matter is how effective voter suppression was in the Ozark-Appalachian Axis.

UPDATE: AP calls North Carolina for Obama.