Some Final Election Night Ironies and Curios

1.) Obama’s victory produced spontaneous dancing in the street celebrations in Harlem, Times Square, Seattle, black churches throughout the south, and in metropolitan areas around America and the world.

Obama was greeted as a liberator!

Over a thousand people in DC gathered in front of the White House chanting “Obama! Obama!”

This picture of their gathering is one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen. Take away the familiar sights of the White House and the American flag and it looks like an image that one associates with change of power or even revolutionary moments in “less developed” countries. A fitting rejoinder to the venal, contemptuous rule of the Bush junta and the Coup D’etat that installed them. USA! USA! USA!

2.) “‘Joe’ the ‘Plumber'” says that, despite his mini-celebrity, and infamous fantasizing about paying taxes on money he doesn’t have to buy a business that doesn’t exist, and weeks of being paraded around by Bush Patsy McCain he’s broke. So, the GOP used a working man to provide puffy symbolism while leaving him in the financial shaft! Shocking!

Joe hopes to turn his mini-celebrity into a charity called “Secure Our Dream” that will directly help people such as a woman on his block on disability who is about to lose her home, and focus on civic engagement.

In other words, “‘Joe’ the ‘Plumber'” is about to become a dreaded Community Organizer!

At least his heart is in the right place.

3.) Interesting analysis here that the Obama campaign may have faked the McSame campaign into their quixotic quest for Pennsylvania by leaking a false internal poll that showed the race to be close to a right-of-center radio station, and having Governor Rendell express public worry about Obama’s prospects in Pennsylvania down the stretch.

A Monday morning quarterback look at the results reveals that the McSame campaign would have done better to focus on Colorado and Nevada and hope to hold onto all of the other Bush states. Conservatrons can kvetch about the Great Economic Collapse as much as they want, but between poor tactics and being punked by Quebecois disc jockeys they deserved to lose.

4.) Oh what a fabulous night and what a wonderful new reckoning to wake up to! I’m man enough to admit that I teared up when the election was called and wept during Obama’s victory speech.